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About Us

Marine Kleen was born out of a commitment to meet the most stringent environmental standards for the Maritime world.

Marine Kleen Isle of Man and Marine Kleen Australia was born out the conversation between two fellow ship Captains, Darren Webster and Tim Newton, who wanted to bring an environmentally friendly product that is efficient, cost effective and complies with all the relative international and national environmetal legislation to market.

 It became obvious even with International Codes and National Legislation that there were huge variations in the way we treated the ocean in different parts of the world.

Bioremediation has been around for 15 years - it is proven technology. Marine Kleen has taken this technology and engineered it specifically for Marine Use.

Marine Kleen has the whole of Globe covered, just contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


Marine Kleen 5 litre bottle


Land Kleen - environmentally friendly cleaner and degreaser

Marine Kleen... Ocean Clean

Easy to use in Fresh or Salt Water