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The Bioremedial Potency Of Marine Kleen Product

Marine Kleen is designed for many types of application and contains bacterial strains which, when used as recommended, bioremediate hydrocarbons.  The naturally occurring micro-organisms are chosen for their ability to convert hydrocarbons and grease into harmless gas and water.

At lower concentrations (highest dilution), Marine Kleen will remediate the smaller amount of hydrocarbon washed away in the cleaning process, but will not be potent enough to then bioremediate other oils and hydrocarbons for instance in a holding tank. Simply the amount of hydrocarbon will overwhelm the bacteria and kill it. 

The result would be the same as prescribing too weak a dosage of antibiotics for an infection… the antibiotic would have no effect as it would simply be overwhelmed by the infection. 

Marine Kleen, by special order, can create products that will treat large volumes of hydrocarbons and oil mixed  in water taking into account: 

  1. the hydrocarbon contained in the water is less than 20% of the total liquid volume and 
  2. the actual parts per million levels (ppm) of the oil are taken into account, as this will determine the treatment amounts of product to be used.

Simply, this product must be specifically tailored to the job at hand.

What Is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation: The ability of Organic microbes to literally eat Hydrocarbons and fats leaving harmless gases and water.

What Is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation is the process of using naturally occurring, safe and beneficial micro-organisms to degrade environmentally harmful contaminants and turn them into non-toxic compounds. In particular, these organisms will break down most petroleum hydrocarbons and transform them into harmless gases & water. Further, this natural process will produce valuable bio-nutrients that can be utilised by both plant and aquatic life.

All of our bioremedial products contain completely natural micro-organisms that can be found in the soil and water all around us, BioWizard have merely augmented nature’s way of disposing of hydrocarbons.

As a provider of off the shelf solutions, all Marine Kleen products are easy to use and ready to be used, the products are simply activated by adding water.

Once activated, our products will un-adhere and digest all hydrocarbon and organic waste, leaving trace residues of water and harmless gases. The process is not only completely natural and environmentally sound, but is generally cheaper than other methods and poses no health and safety risks to staff and operatives.